Athena Ashburn


Athena has produced award-winning feature films associated with studios including MGM, Warner Brothers, HBO, First Independent Pictures, and Roadside Attractions. Such films include epic ensemble piece, “Bobby”, released by MGM, which was nominated for “Best Picture” at 2007 Golden Globes. After studying motion picture production at NYU’s prestigious TISCH School of the Arts, and being inspired by her late aunt Inger Stevens, who co-starred in movies such as Hang ‘Em High (1968) and A Guide for the Married Man (1967), Athena immediately began forging estimable careers for herself in multiple areas of the film industry. For her debut venture as a producer, Athena attracted Academy Award┬« and Emmy┬« winning actors to appear in The Elevator (HBO), a film in which she also starred.

Sirocco means winds of the desert, which for an artist can be a journey of creativity, taking flight over the harsh dunes to a new zenith.

Matthew Ashburn


Matthew has been driven by the entrepreneur practices that produced Finance & Efficiencies with an earlier venture, MORPH Syndicate. Hybrid P2P Marketplace, with forward contract trading on Complex Bundles (commodities) of Intellectual Properties, Products, and Services.

Most recently, founded SaaS vertical Shopping As A Service. A shopping platform, Midst.AI is currently beta v1.0 stage with a 2021 scheduled official launch. A technology platform for Consumers/Shoppers by exploring the categories of shopping brokers and/or create listings for shopping at frequency, time-savings, and competitiveness.

Giuliano Giovanni

Development | Writing Consultant

Giuliano is a writer, writer consultant, and published author from Los Angeles, CA. Giovanni’s writing background is in fiction with an emphasis on cutting-edge and progressive narrative building. Some examples of the projects he has worked on as a consultant at Sirocco Media are The Soul of the Rose, The Winds of Rhapsody, Awkward Positions, and Wounded Butterfly. Giovanni has worked as a writer around the globe and is bilingual (English and Japanese); foreign narratives, philosophical literature, and historical non-fiction/fiction are key aspects of Giovanni’s influence. Giovanni has published an anthology of short stories titled The Flaneur and will be releasing a full length follow-up novel along with a collection of poetry next year.