Hybrid DeFi Media Platform

The Problem

Production Services for producing a project from its initial creative concept to completion while using whimsical timelines, sunken cost expenditures with casino highs/lows and ambiguous terms to insiders, outsiders, thus a lack of transparency

The Solution


central/decentralized finance media platform-as-a-service (PaaS): a supply-side for media IP finance, production and licensing for media holdings investments.


Media Holdings Investments

Equity Crowdfunding | Crypto-Securities

Reg A – tier2; thesis structured with acquired bundled investment of Intellectual Property (feature films, limited series, docuseries, marketing strategy, ancillary, etc.)

Media IP (Intellectual Property) Securities

  • Asset-backed security
  • Investment thesis / Holding company
  • Bundled IP development & valuation


Platform As A Service (PaaS)

Professional, Finance, Production, Licensing, Asset Management

Central/Decentralized technology

  • Perpetuity strategy/management
  • Hedge distribution windowing
  • Consolidated productions

Hybrid DeFi Media Platform

Beta v1.0 launch Q2/2021

Sirocco means winds of the desert, which for an artist can be a journey of creativity, taking flight over the harsh dunes to a new zenith.